Augustus September 2004

Augusztus 20 - Fireworks down on the Danube. Tibor and I got ourselves into "position" early to watch the amazing display. Firstly there were some air stunts with biplanes flying underneath the chain bridge. Then came the best fireworks display ever!!






Kecskemet - A 4 day trip with Tibor's aunt and uncle to visit family in Kecskemet. Lulu was the star of the show and had everyone running around after her - what a sweetie. (Photo: Tibor's aunt and uncle holding hands watching Tania and Andy swinging Zoe along)




Tisza - The long awaited canoe trip on the Tisza! Twenty-five of us in 9 canoes meandering down the river, camping on the banks at night. It was a big adventure. And we were kinda organised... except for that the swollen river had flooded some of our camping grounds, some people fell out of their boat (no people or property lost!) and we had to raid the neighbouring corn field for food since there wasnt a bufe at every stop!! (or a shower!) Thanks to all the relatives for rescuing us with the lovely food. (Photo: Dugo preparing for the dinner)


IMD Reunion - Tania spent much time organising the reunion and it was great to be able to catch up with Helen, Mirko, David and Naiara amongst others.



Hanging out with Szab - The IMD reunion organisation team!  Doing final calculations on the night of the reunion. We had enough money to pay for the drinks at the dinner - yay!








The Netherlands - Back to the Netherlands on a whirlwind tour to stay with the Brouwers, visit Jeanne & Jacques, out for lunch with Eelco and sell the car. Luckily Wouter stepped in cos our sales skills werent working well. (Photo: Tibor, Hiel, Tania, Wytse and Wouter)


Farewell party - Sadly time to say goodbye to all our wonderful friends. But not really "goodbye", more like "see ya later!" (Photo: Gabor, Tania, Feco, Feri, Erika, Jozsi, Noja and Moni)







Ricsi and Feco compare!!!














Indul az új honlap!

Nézz körül bátran. Van időnk.

Léha szokásomhoz híven mostantól ekezet nelkul fogok irni. Annyira megszoktam mar ezt, hogy egy hivatalos level begepelese annyi ideig tart mint negy evesen leirni a nevemet.

Jo szorakozast!