July 2004

We were lucky enough to have Jan and Des visit us in Budapest and then the Abrahams (Barbara, Noel, Desiree and Rob) visited us as well. Lots of fun!!

Rescue of BeaLake Balaton - When Des and Jan arrived we drove to Tihany on the Balaton to Petra's parents (Peter and Eva) beautiul holiday home. Petra and Laci were there as well and Bea arrived soon after. The next day turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day with slight winds for our sailing trip. Peter has a 30 foot yacht on the Balaton and we were only to pleased to take it out for a ride. On the way back to the marina we all enjoyed a bit of swimming off the boat while sailing by jumping in the water and catching a rope on the way past. Unfortunately Bea had some problems with her bikini when she dived in and missed the rope!! We had to go back and rescue her!!!

Baja - When the Abrahams first arrived, we drove in tandem (well Rob at least tried to keep up with Tibor's driving!!) to Baja and were very fortunate to be the guests of Gabor and Erika in their amazing guest house. Gabor had already prepared a fish soup. (See left, Noel is finding out just what is in it!) Because the main purpose of the trip was to see the Baja Fish Soup Festival.  After having our fill of fish soup we walked into the town where we were confronted with more than 2,000 fires burning cooking the fish soup. An amazing site, especially after the smoke cleared away! Thanks so much Gabor and Erika for making our trip so memorable!!

Spoon RestaurantBudapest - Here's all of us, Jan Tibor, Barbara, Noel, Desiree, Rob, Tania and Des at the Spoon Restaurant in Budapest. This restaurant is actually a boat. This was Desiree and Rob's last night in Budapest - boo hoo! But a very nice meal with great company nonetheless!

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