March 2004

The Venice Carnival

Wow! So many sights and sounds to take in and soooooo many people. What a place.  We travelled to Venice with Jozsi and Noja with Erno and Ildi joining us.  An apartment for 6 in the quiet district of Cannregio, Venice.  Dressed in our black capes and daring masks we took to the streets to scare the locals. In and out of narrow alleyways taking in all that we could.  I am sure that everyone present appreciated the magnificence of the "Flight of the Angel" on Sunday afternoon when we squeezed into St Marco square with a billion other people to see former Ms Italy flap her way down the highwire from the belfry in her white angel costume.

On the top of the mountain getting ready to ski down the beautiful white slopes in Austria.

Indul az új honlap!

Nézz körül bátran. Van időnk.

Léha szokásomhoz híven mostantól ekezet nelkul fogok irni. Annyira megszoktam mar ezt, hogy egy hivatalos level begepelese annyi ideig tart mint negy evesen leirni a nevemet.

Jo szorakozast!