May June 2004

Tibor and I took of on our tour of Europe! We managed to visit Germany, Czech Republic, France, Italy and Switzerland and a drive through of Austria. All and all we clocked up 7,000 km!

Germany - This is Tibor getting rotten drunk celebrating the day we found out we were having a baby! Lucky we were in Berlin where they had steins to help him along. Plus Clay certainly had some drinking tips!

France - Just outside of Gemil, South France - Jan demonstrates how she was pushed off her bike into the ditch by Des leaving her with a fractured rib and a "bit of a headache"!

Tibor, Tania, Des and Jan - GemilHere we are in Gemil with Jan and Des getting ready to go out for a meal in St Sulpice with the Tustins.

Moni and Pepe's Wedding - We came rushing back from our tour to go to Moni and Pepe's wedding. Unfortunately we don't have any digital shots :-( 

One of the other wonderful moments in June was Feri and Erika's wedding. They looked like the dream couple that they are!  The party afterwards was also lots of fun. Tibor and I were even dancing on the tables!


Indul az új honlap!

Nézz körül bátran. Van időnk.

Léha szokásomhoz híven mostantól ekezet nelkul fogok irni. Annyira megszoktam mar ezt, hogy egy hivatalos level begepelese annyi ideig tart mint negy evesen leirni a nevemet.

Jo szorakozast!