December 2003

The hungarian contingent felt Christmas in the summer was a bit weird but we all had a merry time!  From left: Tibor, Bea, Clay, Nana, Dad (Des), Petra, Tania, Mum (Jan), and Serean. Christmas day was spent firstly opening presents then off to a champagne breakfast at the Ter Haar's.  After that it was visiting the Riggs and then home for a huge lunch of ham, pork, lamb and turkey smoked on the Weber BBQ!  Pavlova, trifle and tiramisu for dessert. Yum!  Wake-boarding was next and Tania and Serean both even managed to get up! YAY! and fall down again - BOO...and get up again - YAY! Footnote: Ask Petra how many champagnes she had on Christmas morning??!

See the whole purpose of our visit to NZ - Serean's Graduation!

November 2003

Goodbye Rotterdam, hello Budapest!! Tibor packs the container for all our New Zealand stuff.  Hmmm... confused yet??  Well we brought some things to Budapest for our stay here til September. The apartment in Budapest is already fully furnished so the rest of our stuff went to New Zealand for safe keeping til we get there in September...     BIG THANKS TO RICSI!  Without Ricsi we would never have made it!  He drove all the way from Budapest and then back with us, having packed up our whole house.  Ricsi - you are a star!! AND a BIG THANKS to Dad for catching it all at the other end!


Helen visited us just before we left. It was great to see her, lots of cups of tea and chats.  We even watched the Rugby World Cup final (her first rugby game) and now I think she's hooked! It was a real "girlie weekend" since Mirko was at home looking after Angelo.



The Infamous Trip - Serean had a bit of a whirl-wind visit managing to miss two flights in one weekend! That's gotta be a record!! And for the record, it wasn't all her fault!!!  Anyways, Tibor and I travelled down to Brussells to pick her up and wisked her away to France.  The first stop was a WW II museum called La Coupole in Pas-de-Calais.  It was very well done - I recommend a visit.  Next we were off to Dunkirk to see the place where over 300,000 solidiers had been evacuated on some 700 different vessels. However, we didnt really get to see that side but rather the marathon that was on in the centre... then had a look at the White Cliffs of Dover from the other side and off to a French restaurant so Serean could practice some french - "Je voudrais ..."  The next day was spent in Belgium. Mussells in Brugge and the beer factory there before rushing to miss the plane out - ah well... it was a trip to remember!!!


Indul az új honlap!

Nézz körül bátran. Van időnk.

Léha szokásomhoz híven mostantól ekezet nelkul fogok irni. Annyira megszoktam mar ezt, hogy egy hivatalos level begepelese annyi ideig tart mint negy evesen leirni a nevemet.

Jo szorakozast!